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  Kunming Dongqi Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 to focus on the professional R & D, production, sales and service of natural heating CO2 heating / cooling energy efficient equipment. We have the first domestic CO2 heat pump comprehensive performance laboratory and test platform, we also the first company within China Domestic Market with CO2 heat pump legitimate production qualification of enterprises.

  After years of product development and application demonstration, the company has developed its unique in-house technology and have won over 20 independent intellectual property rights which developed 3 series of system respectively which is able to produce hot water, generate warmth and dual hot & cold integration unit, a total of six CO2 heat pump Products models. The performance of these product undergo testings by the National Compressor refrigeration equipment quality supervision and inspection center, ensuring that it is synchronized with international standards and also leading within the China domestic standards. The product is also listed by the China National four ministries as a "National Key New Products". Our sales have spread across the country, the economical and social benefits have been highly recognized by users of various industries.

  At present, DongQi technology CO2 heat pump technology has won the first prize of scientific and technological progress and was awarded as the "CO2 heat pump engineering technology research center." Since the establishment of the company, we had received support from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection. With support from the Technology and Environmental protection departments at State, Provincial and Municipal level, we have undertook a number of scientific and technological innovation projects and the " China's 12th Five-Year Plan " National Science and Technology Methodology and Application Demonstration main support project, in the research of the Ministry of Environmental Protection refrigerant alternative technical assistance projects, this will kick start the CO2 refrigerant in China's cold chain applications.

  In the future, Dongqi Technology will continue to follow the strategy of global development for new energy, following the F-gas phase-out process, the focus on continuous technological innovation in the field of natural gas CO2 refrigeration / heating, with an increasing use of CO2 refrigeration / refrigeration, CO2 air conditioning, CO2 special components and other aspects of technology research and application, we are determined to advanced with the ever developing CO2 technology and products to promote the development and popularization of natural gas, for the community, contribute to the environment.

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